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Pet Sitting Rates:

Rates are set based on the distance from 3381 Plum Point Rd.

The minimum rate per visit includes up to 2 dogs, or 4 cats, or 1 dog, 2 cats, for a 20 minute stay.

Within 5 min from Canaan Farms -- $20

Within 10 min -- $25

Within 15 min -- $30

Within 20 min -- $35+

There is a $2 fee for each additional dog, and a $1 fee for each additional cat.



Dog & Cat Boarding / Doggie Daycare

Canaan Farms provides a safe, fun and stimulating social environment for dogs for extended overnight boarding and / or during weekday business hours. Customers complete a one day trial period to help us determine if the dog is suitable for a group environment, where the dog(s) is dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon or evening. There is a $15 fee. Vaccinations are required. Dogs require DHLP-P, Rabies, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). Cats require FVRCP and rabies. We prefer to have a copy of the vaccinations for our records. However, a copy of the Vet's invoice usually has the information we need.

Dog Boarding Rates:

Single dog rate:
Owner provides the food - $25 per night

Multiple dog rate:
Owner provides the food - $23 each dog per night

Cat Boarding Rates:
Owner provides the food - $20 purr night

Doggie Day Care Rates:
$15 per day /per dog

Nieman cat

Canaan Farms Pet Sitting

There are many advantages associated with in-home pet care. By coming to your home, your pets are able to remain in their normal surroundings, thus reducing anxiety and health concerns. In most cases, our rates are less than boarding at a kennel, especially where multiple pets are involved. Canaan Farms tailors our services to specifically meet your pet's needs. During a new customer appointment we gather information about your pet's history and routine to ensure personalized care and reduced stress while you're away. We feed, water, exercise, and provide attention to each of your pets. We are familiar with all domestics, birds (parrots, cockatoos, etc.), and farm animals (horses, chickens, peacocks, goats, etc.). Our company is bonded and insured and backed by 30+ years of experience in the pet sitting industry.


Horse care includes the single trip/distance fee as listed above, plus $2.50 per horse, per visit (includes stall cleaning). If the horse is pasture kept and requires minimal care, the fee may be reduced by $2.50.

selena and friend

Special rates are available for livestock farms where the animals are in a herd/flock environment and group feeding versus individual feeding apply. The fee is $45/hr with time being prorated. We require an on-site interview for new clients. There is a $30 interview fee due at the time of the interview. Should you choose to use our service the fee will be applied to your first bill.

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