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Private lesson

Semi-private (2 people) $50/hr per person

Small Group (3 people)
$40/hr per person

Large Group
(4 people & up)

$30/hr per person

lesson packages of
4 privates
= $225
4 semi-privates = $180/person

Lesson packages have a discount of 10% built in to the price shown; additional discounts for military, police and first responders.

Trail Riding Rates

$60/person. Full hour from mount to dismount. Will include instructional time in arena.

$45/person. 45 minutes from mount to dismount. Will include instructional time in arena.

Trip to the local park (Experienced riders only) - Half day - $150 /person

Registration Form

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Volunteers and Staff

Important to know:

Lessons are an hour long and do include grooming and tacking up your horse. If you run late it will shorten your lesson so please be on time.

Please come dressed to ride. A properly fitting helmet is mandatory, pants that reach to the ankle or boot top, and boots or shoes with a sturdy heel.

During unfavorable conditions all riding activities may be canceled and/or rescheduled.

For special events or organizational functions, introduction to horses and riding activity, with limited riding time, a 2 hour period of time will be needed for this type of activity.

learning to RIDE

learning to RIDE


cleanin tack

learning to RIDE

learning to RIDE

Canaan Farms Horseback Riding lessons are provided by certified instructors in both Western and English style. We have multiple teaching horses for every age and experience level. Canaan Farms is equipped with a large horse barn, an outdoor riding arena, round ring, multiple paddocks, and access to over 100 acres of riding trails.

learning to RIDE


Our beginners are introduced to riding in a safe environment, they are taught the basics of proper equitation, western and/or english. They will learn how to control the horse at the walk and trot, how to establish a good seat right from the start and how to move forward with confidence. FUN is a big part of these lessons.



Intermediate Equitation

Our intermediate hunt seat equitation riders will continue to work on their form and equitation, advance their skills at the walk, trot and canter, over cavaletti, fences, on the trail, and in basic dressage exercises.

Our western riders will work on the aids associated wtih western style riding. They will advance their skills at the walk, jog and lope, trail riding, and enjoy learning the basics of barrel racing, etc.



Advanced Equitation and Training

Our advanced students, western and english, will work on refining their skills at all gaits, over fences, around barrels, and in dressage exercises and programs.

Travelling to local shows and events, training workouts for horse and rider, participation in clinics are also part of the program.


on the trail

trail ride

trail ride


Trail rides

Canaan Farms is pleased to be able to conduct and coordinate group trail rides in the Calvert County area.

Trail Riding at Canaan Farms. 45 minute and full hour rides from mount to dismount. Will include instructional time in arena

Half day trips to the local park (Experienced riders only). There is a 2 person minimum for this activity. Limited availability and only available during Late Spring and Summer during favorable conditions.

No one leaves the arena until staff is comfortable with rider's ability to handle their mount.

Helmets MUST be worn, NOT OPTIONAL, pace will be set to safely accommodate the least skilled rider, side walkers may be used for riders if necessary. Safety is our primary concern. Our horses are part of the family so please treat them kindly. Pet them often and speak to them, they love it!

During unfavorable conditions all riding activities may be canceled and/or rescheduled.



hunter pace

Clinics and Equine Workshops

Canaan Farms is pleased to hold workshops with well known equestrians and veterinarians.

Announcements will be made well in advance on our website and also the word will be spread to all of our interested students and to horse owners in the area.


learning to RIDE

happy camper happy camperlearning to RIDE


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